Quaker Homeless Action (QHA) offers fellowship, practical assistance to and a voice for homeless and marginalised people in Britain. We work across the spectrum of homelessness - including entrenched rough sleepers, drug users, women, families, people with no recourse to public funds, the vulnerably housed and the ”hidden homeless”.


 Our volunteer run projects include mobile libraries, currently running in London and Brighton, and Quaker Open Christmas, based in London and providing support and companionship to those in need at a vulnerable time. QHA also actively partners with other organisations, pooling expertise and resources to best serve our beneficiaries. We are also able to make small grants to Quaker-affiliated projects across Britain.

Reading is transformative, I love it.
It makes you feel almost human
— Reader from the Quaker Mobile Library

QHA is a Quaker organisation and the majority of QHA’s volunteers are themselves Quakers but we value the support and involvement of people of any or no faith. As a Quaker organisation we seek to ”Answer to that of God in everyone” and endeavour to welcome people of all backgrounds regardless of religion, ethnicity, economic or social status, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.