What Is Quaker Homeless Action (QHA)?

Quaker Homeless Action is a national charity run primarily by volunteers. QHA's vision is for a society where homeless, marginalised and excluded people are empowered and supported to break out of exclusion, poverty, and isolation to experience life in all its fullness.

BedsQHA is a small and flexible organization that focuses on projects that are not funded by other organisations. Our projects include a Christmas Shelter, mobile libraries for the homeless, befriending projects and other work, and we are always keen to hear from f/Friends with suggestions for other areas of work we could support - see our Affiliate projects page for more information about this.

The majority of funding for the work of Quaker Homeless Action comes from donations from Quakers. The charity is one example of Quaker ‘hands-on’ practical help in Britain today, and is run by a volunteer Council of Trustees